Dr. Ochanomizu

Dr. Ochanomizu (also known as Dr. Elefun, Professor Peabody and Dr. O'Shay) is a main character in Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy franchise. A caring father figure to Astro while also a renowned scientist, he has appeared in every Astro Boy series to date, as well as the movie. He has a large nose shaped like an eggplant and is known to get into nose fights.


Original manga

Professor Ochanomizu made his debut in the original manga’s Volume 1. After Astro was sold to the circus, Ochanomizu found he was no ordinary robot and thus took good care of him afterwards, bringing him to his home. He is also the head of the Ochanomizu Research Lab.

1960s series


1980s series

1980s appearance.

In the 1980s series, Ochanomizu is, once again, watching the robot circus during the events of episode 3 when he recognizes Astro as Tenma’s robot. Ochanomizu later takes Astro back to Japan via plane.

Ochanomizu is shown to be a caring person while also Minister of Science, and calls on Astro once there’s trouble. He would also continue to expand Astro’s robot family, giving him a younger sister (Uran), a set of parents, and also a home. He is also a supporter of robot rights, holding the belief that robots should not fight each other.

2003 series

2003 appearance.

Dr. Ochanomizu is the stepfather and family member of Astro and a main character in the 2003 series, who appears in every single episode. Nothing is known about his personal life, except that he is a widower and has no children. Being Minister of Science, he is kind-hearted and yet famous (shown in Robot Circus) and acts as a leader of the city.

Ochanomizu is once again a supporter of robot rights, and with the exception of Astro, the only character who believes that robots and humans can live in peace, being opposed to both Duke Red and the Blue Knight. He is also the long-time enemy of Dr. Tenma, who believes that Astro would lead the world.

He also tries to make Astro more human-like, giving him a younger sister named Uran. He lives in Astro’s household with Uran and Robita.

Little Astro Boy (2014 series)


Feature film

Dr. Elefun and Dr. Tenma in the film.

Dr. Elefun appeared in the 2009 film. A colleague of Dr. Tenma, he planted the Blue Core in Astro. He is peaceful and is opposed to President Stone and his military tactics.


In the Japanese version of the 1960s, 1980s, and 2003 series, as well as the film, “Astro Boy: Hero of Space” (which is a Japan-only compilation film of episodes 46, 56, and 71 of the 1960s series), he is voiced by Hisashi Katsuta.

In the English version of the 1960s series, he is voiced by Ray Owens.

In the English version of the 1980s series, he is voiced by Del Lewis.

In the English version of the 2003 series, he is voiced by Wally Wingert.

In the 2009 feature film, he is voiced by Bill Nighy.