Robita (also known as Nora) is a fictional character in Astro Boy. Along with her appearances in some of the TV series, Robita has also appeared in Osamu Tezuka's other works, most notably Phoenix.


1980s series

In the 1980s series, Robita served a very minor role. It was a primitive robot with no personality that acted as an assistant at a space station orbiting Earth during the events of Save the Carolina 3. It was eventually destroyed by Skunk.

2003 series

2003 appearance

In the 2003 series, Robita (known as Nora in the English dub) received a much larger role. Here, she (the character is portrayed as female) is Astro's nanny and also housekeeper of Dr. Ochanomizu's house. Despite this, and appearing in most of the episodes, she had little or no impact on the storyline itself. She is generally shown to be a source of information, added to show a sense of family in the household, or even as comic relief.

Non Astro Boy

Robita also appeared in Osamu Tezuka's Phoenix manga.


In the 2003 series, she is voiced by Naoki Tatsuta in the Japanese version and by Jennifer Darling in the English version.