This is the seventh episode of the 80's series and was first broadcast in Japan on November 12, 1980.

This is the robot manufacturing center at the Ministry of Science. They make thousands of robots here. One day a thunderstorm activated an unfinished robot - Frankenstein! If that wasn't trouble enough, Skunk's gang tried to use Frankenstein to help them steal, and that makes trouble for robots everywhere.


Astro fighting Frankenstein
Robots become outcasts

On a stormy night, Skunk's car breaks down. As his henchman is unable to repair it, he realizes they are close to the Ministry of Science and they venture inside, as they realise that the workers are all robots and hence unable to hurt them. The robots are assembling a big and powerful robot called Frankenstein.

Lightning hits the building, causing the new robot to wake up unexpectedly. Frankenstein demolishes the room and attacks the robots around him before exiting the building. Knowing a new robot will obey to the first person to speak to him, Skunk and his man go after him. They succeed and then use him to steal jewellery, money and artwork throughout the city.

Suspecting Frankenstein of being responsible for those crimes, Inspector Gumshoe deem robots dangerous. Political leaders suggest new laws to regulate the creation of new robots. Citizens get scared of robots, and more and more take off the energy cassette of theirs'. Violence against robots increases, and ultimately the police calls for all the robots to be deactivated, including cook robots and firefighters robots. Doctor Elefun is against, insisting that Frankenstein must be under human control because only humans are that evil, but Inspector Gumshoe will not hear of it.

On his way to school, Astro watches as Alvin insults and hits his father. Alvin explains he will ask the school authorities to have Astro and his father's energy cassettes removed, since they are dangerous robots and humans can do what they want with them. Astro has to restrain himself from hitting Alvin. Warned by Theodore, Daddy Walrus reminds Alvin that robots and humans are equal.

After school, Alvin watches as his dad admires the new Rodin sculpture that was delivered the same day - unbeknownst to him, by Skunk and his men. That evening, Frankenstein, who had been disguised and presented as the sculpture, uncovers himself and steals everything around him in the museum. Astro hears the noise thanks to his magnified hearing; once at the museum, he fights unsuccessfully with Frankenstein. Coming back to check on Alvin's dad, he is met by the police, who charges him for the museum robbery. He is later released for lack of evidence, but the police orders his energy cassette to be taken out as well. An overwhelmed Dr. Elefun obeys.

Meanwhile, the truck transporting Frankenstein is hit by lightning, and Frankenstein gets completely out of control. He inadvertently sets the building he enters in on fire. Inspector Gumshoe orders the reactivation of the firefighter robots immediately. Dr. Elefun decides Astro's help is needed and puts back his energy cassette. He orders him to connect a corrective circuit to Frankenstein's. Astro goes after Frankenstein and carries him away from the city. Hit by lightning, Astro drops Frankenstein. Frankenstein passes out as he crashes to the land, which gives Astro the opportunity to insert the corrective circuit. Frankenstein immediately wakes up and finds himself able to distinguish between good and bad. He then leads Astro and Daddy Walrus to Skunk and his men, but Skunk manages to escape.

Canadian Version

  • Frankenstein does not demolish as many robots at the Ministry of Science.
  • The robot ballerina does not get destroyed. It is said she has been knocked out and had her tiara stolen.
  • While some robots are shown having their energy cassette taken out, instead of being told how scary and unwanted they are, they are told they will be missed and to remain in their quarters.
  • The shots of Astro being hit by lightning are truncated.
  • When Astro falls asleep after having his energy cassette taken out by Doctor Elefun, his last thought goes to his mother in the original version. In the Canadian version, his last thought is of Frankenstein destroying the city.


The Thinker

Frankenstein is disguised as Rodin's sculpture The Thinker.