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Neon Express

Neon Express is the 8th episode of Astro Boy.


Note: This may not be accurate as I do not have access to the 2003 series right now.

Kato attacks the Ministry of Science (when Dr. O'Shay was just leaving), however when the police rush onto the scene all that is seen is a holographic clown, representing the terrorist. She claims that they will see her latest masterpiece in a matter of three-weeks. The holograph then terminates.

Three weeks later, at a train station, O'Shay is there as part of an celebration involving the first completely automated robot train, the Neon Express. The train goes out for its first ride, packed full with passengers. Even at the start, it is obvious that the train is well and truly advanced: a girl spills an ice cream and yet a robot cleans it up perfectly from a lady's dress where the ice cream was spilt on. O'Shay, however, is clearly troubled. Astro asks why he is not enjoying the ride, and O'Shay recounts the incident. Astro then goes on to say that “humans worry too much”.

The train enters a tunnel. The tunnel is destroyed by Kato, and all communications with Neon Express is lost. Kato, meanwhile, watches all this, however her satisfaction is quickly turned into disappointment as the police corner her. When they ask for her objective, all she says is that destruction is a form of art, and then she asks for a cup of water. An officer hands it to her, Kato puts a small pink ball into the water, and it explodes, knocking the officers out and than she quickly escapes. Meanwhile, on the Neon Express, things turn frantic as the train is quickly speeding up and Neon Express cannot stop himself. Astro thinks that it must be a hyperaccerlation device, and asks Neon Express to conduct a search. Neon Express replies that it cannot be done and that it'll frighten the passengers. Astro responds that they can tell them its a light show. The plan works brilliantly, and the device is founds in the kitchen (more precisely a loaf of bread). However, it turns out that it is nothing more than a mere hologram, the Kato-clown than tells them that the actual device that the scanner will never pick up.

Neon Express can now be communicated, and Astro tells the police about the incident. A plan is hatched and then put into action; another train will run alongside the Neon Express and the passengers will instantly board the other train. Now all the passengers are off, the other train overspeeds and almost crashes if Astro didn't save it.

Now Astro is the only one on the Neon Express. Astro suddenly remembers the place where a scanner can't scan - itself! Astro heads outside, and sure enough, the device is there. Astro safely dislodges it, only to find that it is going to explode. Astro instantly rushes full speed out of the track and the station and throws the device up into the air. Now all is well, since Astro has just saved the day - again.


There are two episodes in the 1980s series which all involve Astro and company on a speeding train: Speeding through the Storm and The Runaway Subway Train. However, these three episodes all have completely different storylines.