Pluto (also known as Bruton and Commonturk) is a recurring character in Tezuka's Astro Boy franchise. In all of his appearances, he has been made to defeat other robots so he can be the strongest robot in the world. He isn't much of a thinker, although in the end he stopped following his orders and eventually befriended Astro.


Original Manga

Pluto (Bruton) appeared in the original manga, more specifically in the third volume and the “The Greatest Robot on Earth” story arc.

1980s series

Pluto as he appeared in the 1980s series.

In the 1980s series, he was made by a masked man employed by a greedy sultan to become the ruler of the robot world, defeating the “World's Strongest Robots” - Mont-Blanc, North #2, Brondo, Gerhardt, Hercules, Epsilon and Astro. He was eventually defeated by Bora.

He is known as Bruton in the English dub.

2003 series

In the 2003 series, he serves as the primary antagonist of Episodes 13 and 14, The Rise of Pluto and The Fall of Acheron. In these episodes, many of the robots that had appeared earlier reappear, although many have been completely redesigned or replaced. Pluto, at first, faces Harley, a rocket ball player robot. Also defeated are Delta, a police robot, Epsilon, a female pacifist and sister of Delta, and also Hercules, a Greek gladiator robot that can defeat most single-handedly. However, he was eventually defeated by Acheron, an exact duplicate of him without Kokoro. He then had another appearance in the Robotonia episodes, where he fought alongside the Blue Knight and Astro. However, when the Blue Knight wanted to destroy the humans and Astro didn't, Pluto eventually went with Astro. This appearance implied he was rebuilt. Just like the previous series, he has a relationship with Uran, only this time it is stronger to the point where he is almost in love.

He is built by Shadow in this series, who in turn is a robot made by Dr. Tenma who eventually rebelled against his master. Also, his main weapon was changed from his horns to a series of homing missiles located in his chest.


As all of Pluto's appearances are part of 'The Greatest Robot in the World' story arc (with the 1980s series and 2003 series' episodes being simply remakes) most of the robots he faces are more or less the same throughout the series. Here is a table to show them:


In the Japanese version of the 1980s series, he is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa.

In the 2003 series, he is voiced by Akio Ohtsuka in the Japanese version and by David Rasner in the English version.