Mama is a robot built by Dr. Ochanomizu to be Astro's mother.


Original manga

Originally built by Dr. Ochanomizu as a robot parent for Astro, Mama is taken at some point by Dr. Tenma and modified to have the looks and mannerisms of Hoshie Tenma.

1960s series


1980s series

In the 1980s series, Dr. Ochanomizu introduces Astro to his unfinished robot mother and father in Atlas Lives Again. Soon after, the two parents are kidnapped by Atlas, however Astro successfully rescues them.

Mama is very caring towards her robot children and worries about them. She also wants Uran to be lady like. Mama has dark brown hair that ends just above her shoulders and wears light colored, feminine clothing. Although Mama has no name of her own in most languages, Mama is named Suzanne in the French version.

Little Astro Boy (2014 series)



In the Japanese version of the 1980s series, she is voiced by Misako Hibino.