Papa is a robot built by Dr. Ochanomizu to be Astro's father. He is more or less the same in every version he appears in.


Original manga


1960s series


1980s series

Dr. Ochanomizu introduces Astro to his unfinished robot mother and father in Atlas Lives Again. Soon after, the two parents are kidnapped by Atlas. However, Astro successfully rescues them.

Papa, although built to look like an adult, attends school just like Astro does. He doesn't think clearly and will often jump to conclusions before he knows the whole story about something. He also has somewhat of a short temper, but Papa always has good intentions in mind, especially when it comes to his childrens' well-being.

Although Papa has no name of his own in most languages, Papa is named Gédéon in the French version.

Little Astro Boy (2014 series)