President Stone

President Stone is the main antagonist of the 2009 film. He has an obsession with being re-elected, and he believes that war is the only way to make that possible. Because of this, President Stone has called for the creation of the Peacekeeper, a powerful robot built for combat. President Stone used the Head of the Ministry of Science, Dr. Tenma, in order to build it and to help him obtain the blue core from Dr. Elefun. President Stone, feeling that the blue core was too positive, decided to power the Peacekeeper with the red core instead. This led to Toby being vaporized.

When President Stone learned about Astro, he was enraged and threatened to arrest Dr. Elefun for lying that the blue core was destroyed. Upon Dr. Tenma's agreement to deactivate Astro after President Stone found him, he released Dr. Elefun and set out in order to capture our robotic hero.