Skunk Kusai, commonly known as just Skunk, is a fictional character appearing most of the time in a villainous role.


Skunk in the 80's series
Skunk in the 2003 series
Skunk in the Metropolis movie

80s series

In the 80s series, Skunk is a recurrent villain appearing in many episodes, who has a notable bluish skin. He is the leader of a gang of robbers, and most of the time he will directly fight Astro. Skunk is also the one who raised and taught Atlas during is youth.

2003 series

In the 2003 series, Skunk is a secondary antagonist appearing in a few episodes. He has an important role in the episode Into Thin Air, as well as Reviving Jumbo. He is described by Nora as a criminal who specialises in using innocent robots to commit crimes.

Other appearances

Skunk appears as one of the main characters in Metropolis, where he plays the role of a highly-graded military officer.