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The Birth of Astro Boy

The Birth of Astro Boy is the first episode of Astro Boy. It was first broadcast on September 7, 1963.


Astro Boy is starting to be powered up
In the year 2000, the brilliant scientist Dr. Boynton, grief-sickened when he loses his son, Astor/Tobio Boynton, in a automobile accident, and thus he decides to make a super robot in Astor's/Tobio's image. The robot Astro Boy, and could swim over seas, leap over mountains, even fly into space! But when Astro fails to grow, Dr. Boynton disowns him, left disappointed at having created an imperfect machine, And the robot is sold to the circus to fight. Luckly he is saved only be the arrival of Dr. Packadermus J. Elefun, who becomes a friend, conscience, and legal guardian thought out the series.