Zero, The Invisible Robot


Zero as he is be shown to the crowds
Yes, it was true. Someone had finally learned how to blend Etheric Resin with Clear Plastic to produce an inadvisable robot. Only polarized light could make Zero visible. Now Fearless Fred Fenk (Skunk) knew nothing about the polarized light, but as notorious fink and convict, he knew he could steal the world blind with the inadvisable robot. Lying to Zero, making him think that every robbery would benefit the poor, Fearless Fred was able to pull the biggest, most daring, most successfully, most baffling jobs in history! Seemingly, Zero could not be stopped. Not until Fearless Fred ordered him to destroy the Insitute of Science (Ministry of Science)and it's guiding genius, Dr. Packadermus J. Elefun. Fearless Fred gave Zero a timed bomb to implant into the Insitute of Science, but when Astro Boy showed to stop him, he ran away. But the bomb was to be set off at 10PM, and saving Zero was a failure. . .