1980 Canadian Version

The 1980 Astro Boy series presented in Canada differed greatly from the original version. In the first English version produced in 1982, a few short sequences were cut if they happened to show a Japanese setting or if they were especially violent. However, in the Canadian version, four to five minutes were cut from each episode. For example, instead of being destroyed, many robots were said to be “asleep” or having been saved. As a result, the ending was completely different in many episodes.

To make up for the missing time, a game was inserted at the end of each episode. Astro would meet Professor Peabody at the ministry of science and would recap his latest adventure to a computer called Geronimo (the Geronimo Reports). He would voluntarily make a mistake. Viewers had to select the right answer from three possibilities.

The opening sequence was also different. In the beginning, images from Astro being first assembled, waking up and taking his first steps were shown while a narrator said:

Futurapolis, the 21st century. In the secrecy of his laboratory, Professor Balfus creates the world's most powerful robot. A robot in the form of a child. As he brings his masterpiece to life, little did Professor Balfus realize that he is witnessing the birth of more than a robot. He is witnessing the birth of a legend. The legend of Astro Boy!

The sequence of Astro fighting Frankenstein was also cut from the opening sequence.