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Destination Deimos

Destination Deimos is the fifth episode of Astro Boy.


The episode opens at a mining station on Deimos, one of Mars' moons. The station is populated by a single human foreman, who supervises the operation, as well as an entire group of robots dedicated to mining, and mining alone. They have no emotions. The foreman is in mid-conversation with his child back on Earth when the robots suddenly go crazy, break through the station and head out of the building. The foreman instantly phones back to Earth, and claims that the robots are taking over. Dr. O'Shay hears this, and instantly hurries to Deimos, leaving Astro at home with Nora. However, Astro, wanting to go on an adventure, secretly follows O'Shay to the space port, where the ship takes off. En route, the captain of the ship informs O'Shay that he has carried to much belongings on board, therefore the weight. However, O'Shay, after doing a quick calculation, quickly realises the excess weight is the same as Astro's weight. He then goes to the cargo area and of course finds Astro. O'Shay is at first upset, yet then finds out that Astro only stowed on board because he wanted to help.

They land on Deimos. The problem is further complicated with the arrival of a man that claims he wants to destroy the robots, as they directly disobeyed orders. Astro and O'Shay go down the mining hole where they discover the robots are gathered at the bottom. Astro, using his digibeam, goes even furthers down and rescues an alien. The alien encourages Astro to go with (presumerably a female) her, but Astro wants to stay in his own world. She agrees. O'Shay eventually says its a good choice.


Astro learns how to use his “digibeam” in this episode, even though it has already used before. This is because of an oversight in the dubbing when the episode order was changed.