This is the first volume of Akira Himekawa's version of Astro Boy. First published July 2003, by Shogakukan.

ROBOTS AREN'T JUST TOOLS FOR HUMANS! Meet Atom, the world's first super robot with a heart. His very first mission is to learn about the world and decide what's right or wrong. Under the Professor's guidance, he uses his incredible powers to save lives and battle evil robots!

Chapter 1: ATOM'S BIRTH

At the Ministry of Science, a robot is awakened after using much power. Professor Ochanomizu (chief of the Ministry) names this robot Atom. Although the Professor is very enthusiastic about Atom, the other members of the Ministry are not impressed, finding no use for a robot with a heart.

At first Atom is very naive and playful, but slowly begins to learn life's lessons. Soon the robot in charge of the power becomes out of control, realising everyone is in danger, Atom quickly stops the robot. However afterwards the lab was very wrecked, the Professor offering to pay for the damages.


Atom begins his first day of school and quickly befriends Ken. The other students start out uncertain about the idea of a robot intending school, Shibugaki begins to verbally bully Atom which upsets him. However shortly after, Ken helps Atom befriend the majority of his classmates, they soon play in the school garden together.

During the playing, a robot dog is watching, giving video visual to Professor Tenma. The dog steals the students' ball, so they pursue it. But a biker gang suddenly ambushes them all. Once again Atom uses his power to save others and finally earns the respect of Shibugaki.

A mysterious figure watches, feeling the idea of humans and robots is absurd.


Atom visits the “Robot Garden”, where Mimi and her Grandpa grow humongous vegetables. Watching the other robots work, Atom begins to wonder what his own purpose is.

The old man asks Atom to help solve the problem with the Asegao Tower. Atom is surprised by the request but accepts. It is discovered Katari had damaged the controls in the tower, he seeks to destroy robots because they stole his job as a cook. Katari flees as the tower continues to malfunction. Atom and the others decide they must protect the garden. But Atom soon comes to Katari's rescue when Katari is nearly crushed.

When all is well the group celebrate. However it is short-lived, a robot, introducing himself as Atlas, has come to battle Atom.

Chapter 4: ATOM VS ATLAS

Atlas causes further damage to Asegao Tower and a battle starts between Atom and himself. Atom asks why he is doing this, Atlas answers that he hates humans and their minions. Atom responds saying robots and humans are friends and that he himself was not created to fight.

Just when it seems Atom is losing the battle, he suddenly fires an arm cannon and defeats Atlas. Professor Ochanomizu arrives shortly after, Atom not knowing about the arm gun, asks the Professor why he was really created.


Professor Ochanomizu and Atom decide to ride the Neon Light at Flower City Station, enjoying the ride. However their enjoyment is cut short, a man named Kato contacts the Professor. Kato used to be a member of the Ministry of Science, but the Ministry didn't like what he did. Kato explains he is going to use the train to test his own abilities, revealing there is a bomb in an upcoming underground tunnel.

The Neon Light speeds itself up, saving everyone from the bomb. But Kato reveals there's yet another bomb on the train itself. Atom goes to find the bomb, with much difficulty, he eventually removes it and throws it into the sky.

Chapter 6: A CUTE SISTER

During the holidays, everyone is busy or spending time with family. Atom, bored on his own, begins to wish he had a family of his own to play with. Soon Atom is introduced to his new younger sister, Uran, whom is a surprise gift made by Professor Ochanomizu. At first Atom becomes super excited to have a sister, but it soon turns out that Uran is quite a handful.

Uran is super naive and childish, but Atom is up to the challenge of being her elder brother. However Uran finds Atom's best efforts to be responsible and teach her good behaviour undesired.

Later the two siblings explore the city, Uran once again getting into trouble when she accidentally releases a dog from a pet shop. Soon the dog reaches an amusement park, knocking a lever for one of the rides. It turns out Ken is on the ride, that is now going out of control. Uran quickly halts the ride and saves the scared little dog.


While playing a game, Atom accidentally hurts Atom's friends with her great strength. Atom scolds her, reminding that she must be careful when playing with humans. This starts an argument and causes the siblings to be on bad terms with each other, resulting in Uran runs away.

Later Professor Mini Mini puts a small robot into Uran. When Atom finally locates Uran after having searched everywhere for her, finds Uran has no memory of him. Back with Professor Ochanomizu, they they discover a tiny robot is attacking Uran's systems, but the Professor can't fix Uran without taking her apart. Suddenly Professor Mini Mini appears and introduces himself, he offers to help save Uran by giving Atom a smaller body to travel inside of her.

While Atom is inside Uran trying to defeat the robot, Mini Mini steals Atom's real body. Borrowing control of Uran's mind, Atom controls her body and stops Mini Mini effortlessly. Then outside of Uran's body, Atom defeats the little robot. With Atom back in his usual body, the siblings finally forgive each other.


Robots are being kidnapped and the police are trying to find the culprit, not wanting Atom to get in the way. Although originally looking separately, Atom and Delta's group end up unintentionally meeting. Delta tries to arrest a suspect with force, but Atom shields the robot since Momo is with it, the robot escapes.

Eventually it is revealed Professor Mini Mini is the culprit when Atom and Delta find him. But the Professor shrinks everyone when Delta tries to arrest him. The suspect robot from earlier attempts to crush them, but even with Atom's smaller size, he turns the tables with his super strength. Professor Mini Mini is finally arrested, everyone is their regular size and Robita and the other robots are finally safe. Atom and Delta are on better terms, but Delta asks Atom not to interfere in the future.


Atom, investigating a jewellery store robbery with the police, finds this is the 6th case that what is explained to be a ghost has been stealing. While investigating, Atom quickly finds the ghost and pursues it. The ghost eventually reveals itself in visible form to Atom, a robot called Lightning. She then vanishes and dashes off again.

Later at Professor Ochanomizu's home, Atom asks about Lightning. The Professor and Inspector Tawashi explains that Lightning is a robot made by Professor Emil, but his finished creation was stolen by Skunk half a year ago. Tawashi thinks if Lightning is really working for Skunk, she is an extremely dangerous robot. But Atom refuses to believe Lightning is a bad robot, she is naive. An argument starts between the two, Inspector Tawashi insisting Atom does not interfere.

Meanwhile, Lightning had returned to Skunk's hideout, giving him the jewellery. After Skunk finds out Atom and Lightning met and became friends, Skunk decides it's time to stop using Lighting and sets her one last job.

Atom desperately searches for Lightning, flying around the city while calling out for her. When Lightning awakens, Skunk gives her a present to give Atom. Excited, Lightning takes the present and begins her way to find Atom.

Chapter 10: SKUNK'S GANG

In his room, Atom worries about Lightning. But his worries are soon forgotten when she appears at his window. However Atom soon discovers the present that Lightning is carrying is a bomb and tries to throw it into the sky. Lightning, not understanding, tries to save the present she intended to give to Atom. When the bomb explodes, Lightning begins to run back to Skunk. Atom then pursues her after only filling his energy up a little bit.

Atom manages to catch up right before Skunk hurt Lightning and begins capturing Skunk's gang. However Skunk eventually gets an advantage when Atom's power runs out, becoming paralysed. Lightning begs Skunk not to hurt Atom, so Skunk falsely promises to spare Atom if she can bring the Solomon's Golden Crown.


Just as Skunk is about to kill Atom, Professor Ochanomizu and the police show up. The Professor refills Atom's energy once more.

Lightning attempts to steal the Solomon's Golden Crown, but decides not to when she discovers it is too heavy for her to carry. She flees after the security guards spot her. Atom tries to find Lightning before the police, however he is too late and she is destroyed by them. Atom grieves the apparent death of Lightning and shortly after, her worried creator arrives.

Professor Emil finds the brain of Lightning unharmed, the two Professors and Atom are relieved. Inspector Tawashi and other members of the police return their search for Skunk, whom escaped during the search for Lightning.