The Great Meltdown

This is the 29th episode in the 80's series and was first broadcast in Japan on May 6, 1981.

After Livian came crashing at my feet, I had to find out what happened. Finding her memory damaged I took her to Dr Elefun where we were quickly informed of the meltdown of arctic icebergs. Good news came and Livian regained her memory but all was not well, I had to have a showdown with Atlas to save the earth.


Cities are flooded by water
Dr Elefun is flooded by emergency calls

Chased by unknown fighters, Livian crashes at Astro's feet. Astro brings her to his house, but she has lost her memory and can't tell what happened to her. Dr Elefun tries to help her recover her memory but doesn't have more success.

Meanwhile, an unknown phenomenom at north pole causes ice to melt, creating FIXME [spelling]tidle waves that cause ships to capsize and dramatic flooding of coastal cities. Dr Elefun sends Astro to find what's happening, but he doesn't find anything. While Astro is away, Livian leaves his house and is hit by lightning, which makes her recover her memory. She remembers that she wanted to tell Astro about Atlas' latest evil plot: melting ice at north pole to sink the world. She reveals the location of Atlas' secret base, and Astro goes there with a freezing proton bomb to recreate the lost ice. Astro and Atlas meet and fight; during the fight, Astro throws the bomb towards Atlas, who slashes it with his sword. The bomb explodes, freezing everything around, including Atlas who remains trapped in a thick sheet of ice.


  • Atlas' secret base is said to be located at the middle of Greenland. Astro is seen breaking through the ice to reach the ocean below, which should be impossible since Greenland is actually a landmass, not ice floating on water.
  • There are no hands on the clock in Astro's living room.

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