The Rainbow Comet

This is the eighteenth episode in the 80's series and was first broadcast in Japan on February 4, 1981.

All the students in Daddy Walrus' class went on a field trip into space to study astronomy. We were all amazed at the beauty of the rainbow comet when it came over Venus. But our trip was upset when Atlas' Crystal Castle kidnapped our ship. He threatened to hurt my classmates if I didn't join him in his plan to conquer the world, and I had to give in.


The rainbow comet
Laserfight at O.K. Comet

Daddy Walrus' class is at the spaceport ready to leave for a space trip to see the rainbow comet. Astro and his classmates will be alone in the shuttle as everything will be controlled by computers. Nevertheless, as a safety measure, doctor Elefun gives Astro a walkie talkie.

While leaving Earth's neighbourhood, they admire the view; Alvin spends his time eating, arguing he already went in space and is familiar with that. While en route to the comet, they watch a course recorded by doctor Elefun about comets. Soon after the course, they make contact with the rainbow comet. However, the shuttle experience troubles maintaining its trajectory, and Atlas' Crystal Castle shows up and swallows it, causing all of its passengers to lose consciousness.

Astro wakes up surrounded by robot guards. A hologram of Atlas appears, asking Astro once again to join him in his plan to conquer the world. As Astro refuses, Atlas shows him his classmates being reduced in size, smaller and smaller. Astro finally accepts, with Astlas' promise they will get their original size back and be sent back to Earth. However, Atlas instead send them to Venus, where they are to meat certain death. Doctor Elefun and his team on Earth see the trajectory of the shuttle and warn Astro with the walkie talkie. Astro manages to escape the Crystal Castle and reroute the shuttle. Atlas leaves the Crystal Castle on Astro's pursuit. Astro hides the shuttle on the surface of the rainbow comet, and faces Atlas among giant floating ice blocks. Astro finally wins by melting an ice block into a lense that he uses to blind Atlas, then hit him while he is recovering.


Differences between languages

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