Gideon is the thirty-second episode of Astro Boy.


Note: This may not be accurate as I do not have access to the 2003 series right now.

Astro, Zoran, Dr. O'Shay and Professor Papatori go and visit Gideon, a robot dolphin with Kokoro designed by Reno. While going there, Dr. O'Shay explains that Gideon is a underwater research robot designed for deep sea navigation and research, while Professor Papatori claims that Gideon this time will be investigating an area presumably inhabited by the mythical Phantom Pirate, a giant octupus-like creature which has been known to destroy medieval ships.

They reach the lab, only to find a disappointed Reno and a scared Gideon who is too afraid to dive. Gideon fears that he has led Astro down. Meanwhile, O'Shay and Papatori go and tinker with the submersible which would bring them down. The next day, its diving time. Gideon leads the way, with Astro, Zoran, Reno and Papatori following behind in the submersible. Zoran soon goes out to stay with Gideon. When they reach the area, they find a shipwreck, the sea bed moves and Gideon panicks, and manages to get himself stuck. After they reach the surface, Reno becomes even more disappointed, however Astro claims that he needn't worry, as Gideon only needs to “experience bravery for himself”.

They re-do the dive, and at the shipwreck the same thing happens. Gideon, not scared this time, only finds it to be a bunch of crabs. Meanwhile, Papatori, who believes there is the prospect of finding gold in the shipwreck, goes in. Suddenly, an undersea current sweeps them all off guard. However, Gideon does something brave, rescues Papatori and brings the submersible to the surface. Zoran then sees “ a monster with a giant nose ” but then deduces its actually Dr. O'Shay.